The Bank of Finland is responsible for compiling Finnish data for statistics on monetary financial institutions and financial and balance of payments statistics, as determined by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. The Bank of Finland's statistics are produced in line with regulations and guidelines relating to the contents and quality of ESCB statistics. The ESCB subscribes to a policy of free access and free reuse regarding its publicly released statistics, further information:

Policy regarding the reuse of ESCB statistics


Preliminary information on the renewal of the Bank of Finland website


The Bank of Finland’s public website ( will be renewed in January 2017. The website will be updated to correspond with current mobile practices by redesigning the website’s user interface and look, and by building the website to be as responsive as possible.

The information content of the Statistics section will remain mostly unchanged but, due to a technical update of the statistical system, the web addresses of statistical reports (graphs and tables) will change as a result of the modification of the system. Data search may continue to be integrated where applicable into users’ own systems, but continuity in automatic searches will require users to update the web addresses.

The most frequently used statistical content, such as daily exchange rates, will be offered in future in various ways, for example as open data. Further information on the website renewal will be published during the latter part of 2016 in newsletters, the social media and at