The Bank of Finland is responsible for compiling Finnish data for statistics on monetary financial institutions and financial and balance of payments statistics, as determined by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank. The Bank of Finland's statistics are produced in line with regulations and guidelines relating to the contents and quality of ESCB statistics. The ESCB subscribes to a policy of free access and free reuse regarding its publicly released statistics, further information:

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30 Sep 2015 Households’ consumer credit increased
31 Aug 2015 Loan drawdowns lower in manufacturing but higher in real estate activities
31 Jul 2015 Inter-fund investments increased aggregate fund capital
31 Jul 2015 Steady increase in the growth of the housing-loan stock in the first part of the year
29 Jul 2015 Payments statistics for 2014
30 Jun 2015 Drawdowns of study loans have increased
16 Jun 2015 Investment funds’ financial statement data 2014
1 Jun 2015 Demand for housing loans picked up in spring
30 Apr 2015 Investment funds expanded at a record pace in the early months of the year
30 Apr 2015 Demand for interest-only housing loans continued strong in March
31 Mar 2015 Households have seized the opportunity for amortisation-free periods in housing loans
27 Feb 2015 Continued decrease in household deposits with agreed maturity
30 Jan 2015 Finnish investment funds have significantly reduced their investments in Russia
30 Jan 2015 Corporate loan stock growing faster in Finland than in other euro area countries
2 Jan 2015 Growth of housing loan stock slowed down towards year-end
28 Nov 2014 Sole proprietors’ drawdowns of loans at moderate levels
31 Oct 2014 Investment funds' largest equity investments are in Finnish non-financial corporations
31 Oct 2014 Over 90% of new housing loan agreements tied to Euribor rates
30 Sep 2014 Drawdowns of corporate loans were moderate in the early part of 2014
29 Aug 2014 The amount of fixed-term deposits in Finland is declining