BOFIT Discussion Papers

ISSN 1456-4564 (print) // ISSN 1456-5889 (online)

A series devoted to academic studies by BOFIT economists and guest researchers. The focus is on works relevant for economic policy and economic developments in transition/ emerging economies by BOFIT economists and guest researchers .

BOFIT Discussion Papers are intended to disseminate research quickly in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision or improvement. They may have been presented at conferences or workshops already, but will not yet have been published in journals.

Please keep in mind that the papers are published in the name of the author(s). Their views do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank of Finland or BOFIT.

Claudio Cozza – Roberta Rabellotti – Marco Sanfilippo: BOFIT Discussion Paper 24/2014: The impact of outward FDI on the performance of Chinese multinationals
2014. 32 pages.
Yin-Wong Cheung – Menzie D. Chinn – Xingwang Qian: BOFIT Discussion Paper 23/2014: The structural behavior of China–US trade flows
2014. 37 pages.
Elena Deryugina – Alexey Ponomarenko: BOFIT Discussion Paper 22/2014: A large Bayesian vector autoregression model for Russia
2014. 24 pages.
Christophe J. Godlewski – Rima Turk-Ariss – Laurent Weill: BOFIT Discussion Paper 21/2014: Do the type of sukuk and choice of shari’a scholar matter?
2014. 30 pages.
Yanrui Wu: BOFIT Discussion Paper 20/2014: Local government debt and economic growth in China
2014. 26 pages.
Yiwei Fang – Iftekhar Hasan – Lingxiang Li: BOFIT Discussion Paper 19/2014: Banking reform, risk-taking, and earnings quality – Evidence from transition countries
2014. 74 pages.
Marko Melolinna: BOFIT Discussion Paper 18/2014: What is the role of Emerging Asia in global oil prices?
2014. 26 pages.
Yin-Wong Cheung – Dagfinn Rime: BOFIT Discussion Paper 17/2014: The offshore renminbi exchange rate: Microstructure and links to the onshore market
2014. 42 pages.
Philip Molyneux – Hong Liu – Chunxia Jiang: BOFIT Discussion Paper 16/2014: Bank capital, adjustment and ownership: Evidence from China
2014. 41 pages.
Boris Blagov – Michael Funke: BOFIT Discussion Paper 15/2014: The credibility of Hong Kong’s currency board system: Looking through the prism of MS-VAR models with time-varying transition probabilities
2014. 35 pages.
Thorsten Beck – Hans Degryse – Ralph De Haas – Neeltje van Horen: BOFIT Discussion Paper 14/2014: When arm’s length is too far. Relationship banking over the business cycle
2014. 42 pages.
Carsten A. Holz: BOFIT Discussion Paper 13/2014: Wage determination in China during the reform period
2014. 94 pages.
Qing He – Chang Xue – Chenqi Zhu: BOFIT Discussion Paper 12/2014: Financial development and patterns of industrial specialization: Regional evidence from China
2014. 36 pages.
Anna Krupkina – Elena Deryugina – Alexey Ponomarenko: BOFIT Discussion Paper 11/2014: Estimating sustainable output growth in emerging market economies
2014. 20 pages.
Zuzana Fungácová – Laurent Weill: BOFIT Discussion Paper 10/2014: Understanding financial inclusion in China
2014. 28 pages.
Published in: China Economic Review (forthcoming)
Chun-Yu Ho: BOFIT Discussion Paper 9/2014: Switching cost and deposit demand in China
2014. 48 pages.
John Bonin – Iftekhar Hasan – Paul Wachtel: BOFIT Discussion Paper 8/2014: Banking in transition countries
2014. 34 pages.
Christian Dreger – Tongsan Wang – Yanqun Zhang: BOFIT Discussion Paper 7/2014: Understanding Chinese consumption: The impact of hukou
2014. 19 pages.
Christopher A. Hartwell: BOFIT Discussion Paper 6/2014: The impact of institutional volatility on financial volatility in transition economies: a GARCH family approach
2014. 63 pages.
Jitka Poměnková – Jarko Fidrmuc – Iikka Korhonen: BOFIT Discussion Paper 5/2014: China and the World economy: Wavelet spectrum analysis of business cycles
2014. 22 pages.
Published in: Applied Economics Letters as "Wavelet Spectrum Analysis of Business Cycles of China and G7 Countries" (forthcoming)
Zuzana Fungáčová – Anna Kochanova – Laurent Weill: BOFIT Discussion Paper 4/2014: Does money buy credit? Firm-level evidence on bribery and bank debt
2014. 40 pages.
Published in: World Development (forthcoming)
Carsten A. Holz – Aaron Mehrotra: BOFIT Discussion Paper 3/2014: Wage and price dynamics in a large emerging economy: The case of China
2014. 26 pages.
Iftekhar Hasan – Krzysztof Jackowicz – Oskar Kowalewski – Łukasz Kozłowski: BOFIT Discussion Paper 2/2014: Politically connected firms in Poland and their access to bank financing
2014. 36 pages.
Vikas Kakkar – Isabel Yan: BOFIT Discussion Paper 1/2014: Determinants of real exchange rates: An empirical investigation
2014. 27 pages.

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