BOFIT Discussion Papers

ISSN 1456-5889 (online)

A series devoted to academic studies by BOFIT economists and guest researchers. The focus is on works relevant for economic policy and economic developments in transition/ emerging economies by BOFIT economists and guest researchers .

BOFIT Discussion Papers are intended to disseminate research quickly in preliminary form to encourage discussion and suggestions for revision or improvement. They may have been presented at conferences or workshops already, but will not yet have been published in journals.

Please keep in mind that the papers are published in the name of the author(s). Their views do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank of Finland or BOFIT.

Timothy Frye – Ekaterina Borisova: BOFIT Discussion Paper 9/2016: Elections, protest and trust in government: A natural experiment from Russia
2016. 42 pages.
Diana Ayala – Milan Nedeljkovic – Christian Saborowski: BOFIT Discussion Paper 8/2016: What slice of the pie? The corporate bond market boom in emerging economies
2016. 52 pages.
Zuzana Fungáčová – Iftekhar Hasan – Laurent Weill: BOFIT Discussion Paper 7/2016: Trust in banks
2016. 45 pages.
Zuzana Fungáčová – Anastasiya Shamshur – Laurent Weill: BOFIT Discussion Paper 6/2016: Does bank competition reduce cost of credit? Cross-country evidence from Europe
2016. 32 pages.
Bing Xu – Honglin Wang – Adrian van Rixtel: BOFIT Discussion Paper 5/2016: Do banks extract informational rents through collateral?
2016. 55 pages.
Alexey Ponomarenko: BOFIT Discussion Paper 4/2016: A note on money creation in emerging market economies
2016. 23 pages.
Huseyin Sen – Ayse Kaya: BOFIT Discussion Paper 3/2016: Are the twin or triple deficits hypotheses applicable to post-communist countries?
2016. 43 pages.
Iikka Korhonen – Riikka Nuutilainen: BOFIT Discussion Paper 2/2016: A monetary policy rule for Russia, or is it rules?
2016. 26 pages.
Guonan Ma – Wang Yao: BOFIT Discussion Paper 1/2016: Can the Chinese bond market facilitate a globalizing renminbi?
2016. 30 pages.

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