Bank of Finland Bulletin

Bank of Finland Bulletin is published five times a year and targeted, in general, at foreign experts. It aims to disseminate information on current issues relating to the Finnish economy. Monetary policy and the global economy issues in March and September focus on the current economic situation and the financial markets while the Economic outlook issues in June and December present the Bank of Finland's macroeconomic forecast for Finland. The Financial stability issue on the stability of the Finnish financial market is published once a year.

Most of the articles of the Bank of Finland Bulletin are also published in Finnish in the Bank's Euro & talous publication.

Bank of Finland has published its Bulletin since 1921. Originally, between 1921 and 1987, it was issued under the title Bank of Finland Monthly Bulletin (12 issues a year until 1998). The Bank of Finland Bulletin may be obtained by free subscription from the Bank of Finland. It may also be subscribed to electronically, in which case the subscriber receives an alert via email immediately after a new issue has been released online.

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