Discussion Papers

Research reports that are completed at the Bank of Finland are published at first as discussion papers. The series distributes information on the key research areas and results that are topical from the viewpoint of the Bank's strategic aims. The aim of the series is also to inspire discussion among experts.

Discussion papers are published in English, and they include an abstract in Finnish. They are published online in PDF format.

The series has been published since 1988. The discussion papers that have been published after 1996 are available on the Bank of Finland website. Previously published discussion papers can be downloaded in PDF format in the Bank of Finland institutional repository (Helda).

Sari Pekkala Kerr – William R. Kerr: Discussion Paper 3/2017: Global collaborative patents
2017. 64 pages.
Sari Pekkala Kerr – William Kerr – Çağlar Özden – Christopher Parsons: Discussion Paper 2/2017: Global talent flows
2017. 28 pages.
Gonçalo Faria – Fabio Verona: Discussion Paper 1/2017: Forecasting the equity risk premium with frequency-decomposed predictors
2017. 42 pages.

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