Banking Operations

The Bank of Finland is the bank of bankers. It provides versatile central banking services to domestic financial market participants. As part of the Eurosystem, the Bank of Finland is responsible for implementation of the monetary policy of the European Central Bank in Finland. 

The Bank of Finland provides its customers with harmonised payment system and liquidity management services and attends to the settlement of interbank assets and liabilities in the payment system operated by the EU national central banks (TARGET2). 

The Bank of Finland is also responsible for management of the Bank's own financial assets, including related risk management, and of the foreign reserves held with the ECB. Through investment of its financial assets, the Bank of Finland promotes the implementation of ECB monetary policy and ensures sufficient liquidity in euro and foreign currencies in crisis situations.

The purpose of these pages is to provide a brief description of the Bank of Finland's banking operations. Instructions on the services offered by the Bank in connection with monetary policy operations, collateral management and the TARGET system can be found in the Bank of Finland's rules for counterparties and customers.