FAQ: Securities

Where can I find data on securities markets (eg market developments, indices, foreign holdings)?

Securities data are available on the Bank of Finland's Statistics website under Securities Statistics. This website includes data on net capital inflow from portfolio investment, as well as indices, data on securities and bonds issued, market value and turnover of listed shares, including data on foreign ownerships, and fund sizes and net subscriptions related to mutual funds registered in Finland. Data on securities are also available on the website of the Helsinki stock exchange.

I own some shares. Where can I get information for example on the payment of dividends?

Euroclear Finland is responsible for the processing of domestic and foreign securities in the register and clearing systems. On its website, you will find information about dividends under 'Other services' -> 'Services in Finland' -> 'Dividends'.

Where can I get information on Nordic stock indices and how can I easily make comparisons between them?

Information on stock indices, share prices and many other details are available on the website of NASDAQ OMX.

Various investment and savings products are heavily marketed in the press. In the news we hear about swindlers who have been luring investors. Where can I get objective information on various products and related risks?

The Financial Supervisory Authority, which is responsible for supervision of financial and insurance markets in Finland, gives advice to savers, investors and policy holders on their website.