The Bank of Finland is the central bank of Finland. It is an independent institution governed by public law.

The Bank of Finland’s governing bodies are the Parliamentary Supervisory Council and the Board. The Board is responsible for the administration of the Bank, and the Parliamentary Supervisory Council for supervising the administration and activities of the Bank and for other statutory tasks. The Parliamentary Supervisory Council, which shall consist of nine members elected by Parliament, shall elect a chairman and a deputy chairman from among its members.

The Board shall consist of the Chairman and a maximum of five other members.The President of the Republic appoints the Chairman of the Board for a seven-year term. The other members of the Board are appointed by the Parliamentary Supervisory Council, each for a five-year term.

The members of the Parliamentary Supervisory Council are Matti Vanhanen (Chairman), Pentti Oinonen (Vice Chairman), Olavi Ala-Nissilä, Kalle Jokinen, Seppo KääriäinenJutta UrpilainenPia Viitanen, Ville Vähämäki and Ben Zyskowicz. Anton Mäkelä serves as acting secretary and professor Ari Hyytinen as adviser to the Council.

The members of the Board are Governor Erkki LiikanenDeputy Governor Pentti Hakkarainen and Member of the Board Seppo Honkapohja. Mika Pösö is the Secretary to the Board.

The Bank of Finland has seven departments: