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Instructions for searching

  • You can do a simple search by entering a single word into the search field. Example: "internet" (without quotes).
  • If you want to search by using just part of a word, you may do so with the "*"-character. Enter the "*" (without quotes) at the end of the word. Example: "intern*".
  • Search form contains so called multichoice search line where you select the desired search field with a menulist. Select first the search field you wish to use and then write the search parameter into the field next to it.
  • After the search is displayed, additional information of every title is available by clicking the title.

Boolean operators

  • You can join several search parameters with boolean operators AND/OR/NOT. Example "budget AND deficit AND usa". Use the operators in capital letters.
  • You cannot seach exact phrases. For example if you search "exchange rate policy" you get a combination of the search terms instead of a phrase.

Advanced search

  • On the advanced search form you can search using one or several different search fields. For example you can use the free text field, author field and subject field. Search terms in different fields are joined with an AND operator and you can also join several search terms with operators in the fields.
  • Please note that the subject terms used in the subject field are in Finnish only.

Additional search limits

  • Search form contains other restricting "search fields" as title type or year of publishing. These are all freely usable with any other search field. By default these fields contain selections that include "all titles".
  • If you limit the search by title type or year of publishing, all the selections (for example clicking title from the search result) will carry these selections and will limit the search to the search parameters given in the search form.
  • Title type "Series publication" contains discussion and working papers, reports, statistics, annual reports and other periodical publications. Title type "electronic publication" contains databases, websites and other electronic resources.

Latest acquisitions

  • You can browse new acquisitions by using the menu list on the search form. You can choose the list of 7, 14, 21 or 30 days acquisitions. The list contains among others books, serial publications, annual reports and articles.