Discussion papers

The Bank of Finland Discussion Paper series publishes academic research by economists in the Research Unit and the Bank more broadly, as well as by visiting scholars. The series distributes information on topics that are relevant to the Bank’s strategic aims and contribute to the Bank’s research focus on the interplay between and stability of the financial markets and the macroeconomy.

Bank of Finland Discussion Papers are aimed at disseminating research results quickly in preliminary form to inspire discussion among experts and encourage suggestions for revision and improvement.  Prior to research papers being submitted to refereed academic journals, which is the ultimate publication goal for the Bank’s research, they may have been presented at workshops and conferences.

The papers are published in English, with an abstract in Finnish. Papers are published in the name of the author(s). The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Bank of Finland.

They are published online in PDF format. Discussion papers may also be subscribed to electronically, in which case the subscriber receives an alert via email immediately after a new discussion paper has been released online.  

The series has been published since 1988. The discussion papers that have been published after 1996 are available on the Bank of Finland website, as well as selected previous publications.

Previously published discussion papers may be obtained in PDF format by email from the Bank of Finland  (research(at)bof.fi). Copies can also be borrowed from the Bank of Finland library.

List of discussion papers published in 1988–1995 (PDF 90 kB)