Forthcoming research

3 • 2011​

Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers

Meri Obstbaum
The Role of Labour Markets for Fiscal Policy Transmission

BOFIT Discussion Papers

Dong He and Honglin Wang
Dual-track interest rates and the conduct of monetary policy in China

Changsheng Chen, Eric Girardin and Aaron Mehrotra
Provincial Phillips curves in China: The role of openness

Yin-Wong Cheung and Eiji Fujii
Exchange rate misalignment estimates – Sources of differences
Zhichao Zhang, Nan Shi, Xiaoli Zhang
China’s New Exchange Rate Regime, Optimal Basket Currency and Currency Diversification

Yanbing Zhang, Xiuping Hua, Lian Zhao
Monetary policy and housing prices - a case study of Chinese experience in 1999–2010

Duo Qin, Xinhua He, Yimeng Liu
Exchange rate misalignments: A comparison of China today against recent historical experiences of Japan, Germany, Singapore and Taiwan

Peter Sarlin, Tuomas A. Peltonen
Mapping the State of Financial Stability

Elena Deryugina, Alexey Ponomarenko
Identifying structural shocks behind loan supply fluctuations in Russia

Vladimir Mau
The State and Creation of a Market Economy in Russia