Finlands Bank senaste publikationer

13.1.2017 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 3/2017: Global collaborative patents
11.1.2017 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 2/2017: Global talent flows
3.1.2017 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 1/2017: Forecasting the equity risk premium with frequency-decomposed predictors
27.12.2016 BOFIT Discussion Papers - BOFIT Discussion Paper 20/2016: Political influence, firm performance and survival
22.12.2016 BOFIT Discussion Papers - BOFIT Discussion Paper 19/2016: Banks as corporate monitors: Evidence from CEO turnovers in China
21.12.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 33/2016: Immigrant Entrepreneurship
21.12.2016 Makrovakausraportti - Suomen Pankin ja Finanssivalvonnan makrovakausraportti
20.12.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 32/2016: Testing the Q theory of investment in the frequency domain
15.12.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 31/2016: Securitization: A financing vehicle for all seasons?
9.12.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 30/2016: Learning from Financial Crisis: The Experience of Nordic Banks
7.12.2016 BOFIT Discussion Papers - BOFIT Discussion Paper 18/2016: What shapes social attitudes toward corruption in China? Micro-level evidence
5.12.2016 Muistiot - Mukaan ottava talouskasvu Suomessa
5.12.2016 Muistiot - Polarisaatio Suomen työmarkkinoilla
5.12.2016 Muistiot - Tuloerot kehittyneissä maissa - syyt ja seuraukset
2.12.2016 BOFIT Policy Brief - BOFIT Policy Brief 11/2016: Considerations on new Rosstat data on the contribution of Russia’s military goods sector to GDP growth in recent years
28.11.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 29/2016: Forecasting stock market returns by summing the frequency-decomposed parts
25.11.2016 Discussion Papers - Discussion Paper 28/2016: International Propagation of Financial Shocks in a Search and Matching Environment
18.11.2016 BOFIT Discussion Papers - BOFIT Discussion Paper 17/2016: Land rights, rental markets and the post-socialist cityscape
10.11.2016 BOFIT Policy Brief - BOFIT Policy Brief 10/2016: Estimating GDP and foreign rents of the oil and gas sector in the USSR then and Russia now
7.11.2016 BOFIT Discussion Papers - BOFIT Discussion Paper 16/2016: The pass-through to consumer prices in CIS economies: The role of exchange rates, commodities and other common factors