The Head of Administration is Veli-Matti Lumiala.

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Administration includes the following divisions and units:

Administrative Services

The tasks of the Administrative Services division comprise procurement, coordination of business travel and the processing of purchase, sales and travel invoices. The division also provides transportation and house management services, the staff refectory, cleaning and office services as well as the monitoring and reporting of the environmental impact of the Bank’s activities.

The Head of Administrative Services is Hannu Vesalainen.

Personnel and Financial Control

The Personnel and Financial Control division supplies personnel services, supports supervisors in personnel management and takes care of occupational wellbeing and professional development opportunities for the staff. The Division is also in charge of budget steering and cost control.

The Head of Personnel and Financial Control is Antti Vuorinen.

Information Technology

The IT unit supplies information technology services for the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority, ensuring that, in utilising information technology, the quality and security standards required by the operations of a national central bank and the Eurosystem are met.

The Head of Information Technology is Petteri Vuolasto.

IT Infrastructure unit

The IT Infrastructure unit supplies modern high-quality data centre and data communications services. The division is in charge of developing and maintaining security and the IT systems in the Bank’s properties, in cooperation with both the Security and Property Management divisions.

The Head of IT Infrastructure is Sami Kirjonen.

IT Systems unit

The IT Systems unit is responsible for application development and supplies efficient, high-quality systems and systems support for the production of IT services.

The Head of IT Systems is Kirsti Ikonen.

IT Services Management unit

The IT Services unit administers and develops the basic services required by the users (mobile work equipment, workstations, ancillary devices, workstation software and the user interfaces of the systems) as well as the processes related to supporting and delivering these services.

The Head of the IT Services Management unit is Miika Syrjänen.

Language Services

The Language Services section supplies translation and editing services for the Bank of Finland, Financial Supervisory Authority and, to some extent, the ECB.

The Head of Language Services is Eija Puttonen.

Risk Control and Financial Accounting

The Risk Control and Financial Accounting division is tasked with managing and monitoring the market, credit and liquidity risks of the Bank of Finland's financial assets, maintaining benchmark indices for investment operations and calculating their returns. The division is responsible for the financial accounting and financial statement reporting of the Bank of Finland. In addition, the division reports on the financial risks posed to the balance sheet of the Bank of Finland and assesses the balance sheet risks of the financial assets and monetary policy operations.

The Head of Risk Control and Financial Accounting is Antti Nurminen.