The Head of Department is Päivi Heikkinen.

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The Cash Department includes the following divisions and units:


The Currency division is in charge of the operative wholesale functions of cash supply through its regional branches in Vantaa and Oulu. In addition, the duties of the division comprise the planning of cash supply, systems and surveillance and the provision of instructions.

The Head of the Currency division is Jussi Kangas.

Property Management

The Property Management division is responsible for managing and maintaining the Bank's properties. The division also maintains and develops property technologies.

The Head of Property Management is Paavo Perttu.


The Security division is responsible for the security of the cash supply and the overall security functions of the Bank of Finland and the Financial Supervisory Authority, including physical security, personal security, continuity and contingency planning and the Bank’s cash in transit arrangements.

The Head of the Security division is Tero Reponen.