The popularity of the payment and settlement system simulator developed by the Bank of Finland continues to grow. It is currently being used by central banks, clearing houses, research institutes and universities for payment and securities system analysis, mainly in the areas of oversight, policy and research. Its international users include over 80 institutions, mainly central banks. The seminar focuses on payment and settlement system simulation as a tool for payment system analysis and provides an overview of current methods and topical issues in this field.

Mr Tatu Laine ( +358 108 312 254) is happy to give information regarding the Simulator Seminar and the BoF-PSS2 simulator.

Call for papers of the Simulator Seminar 2018 was released in January 2018. The dates for the 16th Simulator Seminar are 30-31 August 2018.

Training course

A standard two-day training course on the use of the BoF-PSS2 Simulator for new users and beginners will be organised back to back with the annual Simulator Seminar on August 2018. The training course is based on computer lab methods and includes simulations, illustrative examples and exercises. During the course participants are actively involved in using of the BoF-PSS2 Simulator.

Two-day course fee is €900,- / person + VAT24%.

Published seminar books

Hellqvist and Laine (ed.): Diagnostic for the financial markets - computational studies of payment system (Bank of Finland Studies E:45/2012)

Leinonen (ed.): Simulation analyses and stress testing of payment networks (Bank of Finland Studies E:42/2009)

Leinonen (ed.): Simulation studies of liquidity needs, risks and efficiency in payment networks (Bank of Finland Studies E39/2007)

Leinonen: Liquidity, risks and speed in payment and settlement systems – a simulation approach (Bank of Finland Studies E:31/2005)