The 17th Simulator Seminar will be organised at the Bank of Finland in Helsinki on 29–30 August 2019.

Preliminary programme (pdf)

We have invited James Chapman (Bank of Canada) to give a keynote presentation on Modernizing Payments Research: Using machine learning and panel methods to help design wholesale payments systems.

The Simulator Seminar themes cover new development, detecting anomalies and real-time monitoring of FMIs as well as preparing for future challenges such as big data analysis or machine learning technology of FMIs. Smooth and reliable financial market infrastructures, like payment and securities settlement systems, play a crucial role for the well-functioning economy. In the evolving financial landscape, quantitative analysis of the FMIs remains an important method to deepen our understanding of on-going developments, potential risks and efficiency gains.

The seminar is targeted for overseers, operators, supervisors as well as market participants.

Registration for the seminar is now open! Please fill in the online registration form here by 19 August.