• Wednesday 1 September 2021
  • Time: afternoon (exact time to be confirmed)
  • Venue: Teams Meeting

Call for Papers

Smooth and reliable operation of financial market infrastructures, i.e. payment and securities settlement systems, play a crucial role for the well-functioning economy. In the evolving financial market landscape, quantitative analysis of the FMIs remains an important method to deepen our understanding of on-going developments and their potential risks and efficiency gains.

The Bank of Finland welcomes experts working in this field to the Simulator Webinar on 1 September 2021. Due to the remote connection, the webinar is narrowed down to an afternoon event. The webinar focuses on quantitative analysis of FMIs, especially simulations done with the BoF-PSS simulator. 

The Simulator Webinar is targeted for overseers, operators, supervisors as well as market participants and academic researchers. You are invited to submit papers analyzing FMIs under the following topics: stress testing, liquidity studies, critical participants, payment behavior, agent-based modelling (ABM) or early warning indicators. The papers can have a work-in-progress status or be already published. 

The Bank of Finland will also organize the 10th Economics of Payments conference (EOP X) this year. A separate call-for-papers will be circulated.

Paper submissions

  • Please submit your paper or proposal by 16 April 2021 via online form
  • Speaker confirmations sent from the BoF-PSS Team by 1 May 2021
  • Delivery of the presentation material DL 20 August 2021*
  • Further questions and ideas related to the seminar are welcome to Mr Tatu Laine by email (Firstname.Lastname(at)bof.fi).

*) The presentations will be recorded and made available on the Bank of Finland website for the participants after the seminar.