Governor of the Bank of Finland, Olli Rehn, spoke at Financial Market Policy conference organised by the Economic Council Germany of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin on 29 January 2019.  The Council represents over 12000 German businesses.

In his key-note address Governor Rehn discussed the outlook for monetary policy and reform needs of the Economic and Monetary Union for the third decade of euro. ‘EU needs a monetary union that is capable of delivering on the promises made to our citizens – promises of financial stability, sustainable growth, and opportunity for employment’, stated Governor Rehn.

Eurozone reform is anything but a technical matter. It is linked to the overall future of the EU’, stressed Olli Rehn. ‘The international role of Europe as a key standard-bearer of democracy and the rules-based international order has become even more essential than it may have been some years ago. Instead of using political energy for drawing red lines to agitate the home audience, we’d do better by pursuing positive goals of reform and focusing on building bridges across Europe’, emphasised Governor Rehn.

Governor Olli Rehn’s speech can be read at the Bank of Finland’s web pages.