The following persons have submitted their applications for the position of Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland, by the deadline 12.00pm, 24 October 2011:
Name                                 Qualification                                     Current employer
Aminoff, Jalo                     D.Sc. (Agriculture and Forestry),   –
                                            M.Sc. (Technology)  
Auvinen, Timo                  Ph.D. (Pol.Sc.)                                   –
Hakkarainen, Pentti        M.Sc. (Economics), LL.M.               Bank of Finland
Metsälä, Anne                  Commercial certificate                    –
Nurkkala, Risto                BBA                                                     –

For more information, please contact:  
Anton Mäkelä, Secretary to the Parliamentary Supervisory Council, anton.makela(a), or telephone +358 10 831 2905.