The series of Studia Monetaria lectures, held at the Bank of Finland Museum, will continue in the autumn of 2012. The lectures deal with the Bank of Finland's and the Financial Supervisory Authority's (FIN-FSA) operational sectors and history. The lectures will be given by leading experts in the respective fields, many of whom work at the Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA. The lectures are intended for the general public and participation does not require any particular background knowledge.
The lectures are open to everyone and are free of charge. All of them will be in Finnish and will be held on Tuesdays at 5.30–7.00 pm at the Bank of Finland Museum, Snellmaninkatu 2, Helsinki.
9 October
100 years of the Stock Exchange
Lauri Rosendahl, Managing Director, NasdaqOMX
16 October
Becoming familiar with investment products
The characteristics of mutual funds, structured investment products and unit-linked insurance.  How can you recognise a complex investment product?
Market Supervisors Eeva Granskog and Tero Oikarinen, Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)
30 October
A day in the life of FIN-FSA – what do market supervisors and risk specialists do?
Laila Hietalahti, Market Supervisor and Anne Nisén, Risk Specialist, Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA)
6 November
Inflation, deflation, foreign exchange rates and interest rates – the basics of the monetary economy, part I
The characteristics and statistical concepts of money Monetary and exchange rate systems. Why is inflation a hindrance? Is deflation an even more problematic monster?
Lauri Vilmi, Economist, Bank of Finland
20 November
Financial markets Banks and other financial institutions and stock exchange activities – the basics of the monetary economy, II
Financial markets' functions and structure Lending and financing from markets. Debt and shares. Primary and secondary markets. Various financial institutions. Why should banks and insurance companies be supervised?
Pertti Pylkkönen, Economist, Bank of Finland
11 December
Where are you going, Russia?
Economic and political development in the 2000s
Iikka Korhonen, Head of Research, Bank of Finland
For further information, contact Jaakko Koskentola, Curator of the Bank of Finland Museum, tel. +358 10 19 5702.