In Finland and throughout the euro area a new €5 banknote will be introduced on May 2. Over 10 years have passed since the introduction of the first euro banknotes, during which time the techniques of banknote production and security have moved forward. The banknotes in the new series will be even harder to counterfeit and more durable than the earlier notes. The new €5 banknote contains enhanced security features – including a hologram, a watermark and a shiny number – that will be common to all the notes in the new series.
The new series will have the same motifs of eras and stylistic trends as the first series. The dominant colours will also remain the same. However, the new banknotes have been slightly modified visually in order to accommodate a new range of enhanced security features, which will also make it easy to differentiate between the two series.
The banknotes in the new series will be introduced gradually over a number of years, in ascending order of denomination. The new notes will be introduced in Finland primarily via retail outlets, banks and other monetary institutions. Consumers will not have to actively replace the old banknotes with new ones; the new series will initially circulate alongside the old.
The first series will gradually be withdrawn and eventually cease to be legal tender. The date for this will be announced well in advance. Banknotes in the first series will, however, retain their value indefinitely and will be exchangeable at euro area national central banks for an unlimited period.
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