Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland
Bank of Finland
Federation of Finnish Financial Services 

The finalists in the nationwide Economic Guru 2013 challenge have been selected.  Approximately 900 pupils from a total of 120 schools from around Finland participated in the preliminary round, from which 10 competitors qualified for the finals. The purpose of the challenge is to encourage young people to familiarize themselves with economic issues.
The finalists, in alphabetical order, are:
•  Jere Huovinen, Kastellin lukio, Oulu
•  Mikko Ilmonen, Ressun lukio, Helsinki
•  Jussi Lundstedt, Turun normaalikoulu, Turku
•  Antti Luukkanen, Helsingin normaalilyseo, Helsinki
•  Jaakko Markkanen, Äänekosken lukio, Äänekoski
•  Lucas Mattsson, Ålands Lyceum, Mariehamn
•  Eemil Nuuttila, Etelä-Tapiolan lukio, Espoo
•  Julius Rissanen, Munkkiniemen yhteiskoulu, Helsinki
•  Joona Suhonen, Tampereen klassillinen lukio, Tampere
•  Pauli Xu, Helsingin Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu, Helsinki

In the nationwide preliminary challenge, held at the schools on 16 January 2013, the participants were required, among other things, to assess developments in the competitiveness of Finnish export companies since the introduction of the euro.
The finals will be held in Helsinki on 28 February–1 March 2013, when one of the 10 finalists will be selected winner of the Economic Guru challenge 2013.
This year is already the 16th time that senior high school pupils test their capabilities in economic issues. The challenge is organised jointly by the Bank of Finland, the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI) and the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland (HYOL). Economic Guru is also supported by the Association of Finnish Economic Correspondents and the Union of Finnish Upper Secondary School Students.

For further information, please contact:
Iina Lario, Communications Officer, Bank of Finland, tel. +358 10 831 2689,
Kristiina Siikala, Head of Communications, Federation of Finnish Financial Services, tel. +358 20 793 4273, or
Kirsi Ruhanen, Secretary General of the Association for Teachers of History and Social Studies in Finland, tel. +358 44 303 1789.