​The new 20 euro banknote will be introduced in Finland and throughout the euro area on Wednesday 25 November 2015. In addition to its other security features, a novel feature in the new banknote is a translucent window in the hologram, in which can be discerned the face of Europa, the emblem of the entire new series of euro banknotes. The window can be viewed from both sides of the note.

‘No paper banknote has ever previously featured such a translucent window. In terms of its security features, the note is unique,’ says Päivi Heikkinen, Head of the Cash Department at the Bank of Finland. ‘This note will be harder than earlier ones to counterfeit. This ensures people can have trust in their money,’ says Ms Heikkinen.

Design of the new banknotes has taken several years. The creation of a banknote requires a long process of research and development. The new 5 and 10 euro banknotes were already introduced at an earlier date.

‘People will soon be familiar with the new banknote, as it is the first of the new series that will be available from ATMs in Finland. The 20 euro banknote is the most highly used denomination of all,’ continues Ms Heikkinen.

Old banknotes do not need to be separately exchanged for new ones and will not lose their value. Initially, old and new 20 euro banknotes will be in circulation side-by-side. The older notes will gradually be withdrawn from circulation as they return to the central bank.

The visual presentation of the second series of euro banknotes has drawn on the first series. The new banknotes are easily recognised as euro currency. The security features are easily checked by feeling the note and lifting and turning it, using the naked eye to check the features, without the need for special equipment.

More details and illustrations are available on the Internet at www.newfaceoftheeuro.eu. Brochures for cash management professionals and the general public can be ordered from the Bank of Finland at http://bof.combo.fi/en/publications/publications/printed-brochures-forder-form/.

For further information, please contact:
Iina Lario, Communications Officer, tel. +358 10 831 2689,
Miika Syrjänen, Head of Division, tel. +358 10 831 3414 or
Essi Tamminen, Banknote Specialist, tel. +358 10 831 3413.