"The EUR 50 is the denomination with the largest number of banknotes in circulation. The EUR 50 accounts for about 45%, i.e. more than 8 billion notes of all the euro banknotes currently in circulation," notes Päivi Heikkinen, Head of the Cash Department at the Bank of Finland.

As in the case of the EUR 20 note, the hologram of the new EUR 50 banknote includes a transparent window revealing a portrait of Europa, the emblem of the entire new series of euro banknotes. The new notes also incorporate an emerald number, which changes colour from blue to green when tilted.

Despite the introduction of the new banknotes, the old EUR 50 banknotes will also continue to circulate alongside the new notes. The older notes will, however, be gradually withdrawn from circulation as they wear out and are returned to the central banks.

"In Finland, new EUR 50 notes will be available from ATMs as these are replenished with cash. By the end of the week at the latest, they will have been distributed to all Finnish ATMs," says Ms Heikkinen.

Renewal of the entire euro banknote series is currently under way. The banknotes of EUR 5, EUR 10 and EUR 20 denominations have already been renewed. The visual presentation of the new banknote series has drawn on the first series.

More information and materials on the new banknotes are available at http://www.new-euro-banknotes.eu/. Brochures intended for the general public and professional cash handlers can be ordered from https://www.suomenpankki.fi/order.

For further information, please contact:

Päivi Heikkinen, Head of Department, tel. +358 (0)9 831 3473
Eira Heinämies, Communications Officer, tel. +358 (0)10 831 2469