The Bank of Finland Museum programme for spring 2018 focuses on both the past and the present. The year 1918 is part of the Museum's programme for the spring, in events discussing the Bank of Finland's activities a hundred years ago. Governor Erkki Liikanen's lecture on central banks in the era following the Great Financial Crisis, in turn, takes us from the present to the future.

The events are open to all and are free of charge. They are held on the premises of the Bank of Finland Museum at Snellmaninkatu 2, Helsinki. As a rule, the events start at 17.00. All events are in Finnish.

Wednesday 31 January  Money in the time of war and peace – banknotes in 1918
Antti Heinonen, the ECB's former Director Banknotes

Tuesday 20 February  Monetary policy strategy, implementation and success
Tuomas Välimäki, Head of Department

Tuesday 6 March  Talouskirja Nyt discussion series
Sixten Korkman: Globalisaatio koetuksella ('Globalisation put to the test')
Meri Obstbaum, Senior Adviser, interviews Sixten Korkman, DSocSc.

Wednesday 14  March 10 years since the financial crisis – what has changed in the financial markets?
Sampo Alhonsuo, Chief Analyst, and Katja Taipalus, Head of Department

Tuesday 27 March  Outlook for monetary policy and the global economy
Hanna Freystätter, Head of Division, presents the Bank of Finland's latest assessment of monetary policy and the global economy.

Tuesday 10 April  The Red Bank of Finland 1918
Docent Antti Kuusterä

Tuesday 8 May  Central banks in the era following the Great Financial Crisis
Governor Erkki Liikanen

Wednesday 16 May  Financial stability
Paavo Miettinen, Head of Division, presents the Bank of Finland's financial stability review.

Tuesday 19 June  Forecast for the Finnish economy
Juha Kilponen, Head of Forecasting, presents the Bank of Finland forecast for the Finnish economy.

For further information, please contact Jaakko Koskentola, Curator of the Bank of Finland Museum, tel. +358 9 183 2607, and Iina Lario, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, tel. +358 9 183 2689.