The Board of the Bank of Finland has decided to expand its collection of statistical data from the financial sector. In the future, the Bank of Finland’s collection of statistics will include data on, among other things, intermediation of financing outside credit institutions. Credit institutions’ finance companies and companies providing consumer credits, for example, will come within the scope of the expanded collection of statistical data.

Collection of the new statistical data will fulfil international and national statistical requirements and will deepen analysis of financial market stability and monetary policy. The statistics will provide a more detailed picture of household and corporate indebtedness and of changes in financing channels.

The Bank of Finland will contact the relevant parties on reporting during autumn 2019.

Information on the advance of the project will be provided in due course on the Bank of Finland’s website.

Further information:
Elisabeth Flittner, tel. +358 9 183 2322, email: elisabeth.flittner(at)