“Feel, look, tilt”.

With these wellknown instructions, you can distinguish between genuine and counterfeit euro banknotes.

Counterfeiting banknotes is an old and widespread crime. Harsh penalties and banknote security features have been employed in an effort to prevent counterfeiting. In this exhibition, we tell the history of Finnish banknote counterfeits and the measures taken to combat counterfeiting during the euro period.

You can also help in tracking counterfeits!

Tuomas Välimäki, Member of the Board, will open the exhibition on Tuesday 18 June at 16.00 hours. After the opening address at 17.00 hours, Jussi Kangas, Head of Cash, and Olli Vehmas, Banknote Specialist, will give a talk on the prevention of counterfeiting.

The exhibition runs from 18 June 2019 to 31 May 2020.

The Bank of Finland Museum is located at Snellmaninkatu 2 in the Kruununhaka district of central Helsinki. Admission to the museum is free of charge.

For additional information, please contact the Head of Museum, Mr Jaakko Koskentola, tel. +358 9 183 2607.