New EUR 100 and EUR 200 banknotes will enter into circulation on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 in all euro area countries. This will mark the completion of the upgraded Europa series, which has been introduced over several years. The new banknotes incorporate enhanced security features, making them more difficult to counterfeit.

‘The banknotes make use of high technology. The new security features ensure that we continue to stay several steps ahead of counterfeiters,’ says Päivi Heikkinen, Head of the Bank of Finland’s Payment Systems department.

As a brand new security feature, the EUR 100 and EUR 200 banknotes contain a satellite hologram showing small € symbols moving around the number. They also feature the emerald green number familiar from all the other euro banknotes of the upgraded Europa series. The emerald number of these two denominations has been enhanced, however, and it shows € symbols inside the numerals. The banknotes are also narrower. They will fit better in people’s wallets and be subject to less wear and tear.

‘People should be able to feel confident when receiving banknotes. Everyone should know at least a few banknote security features,’ adds Heikkinen.

The new euro banknotes are more durable than the notes of the first series. This means that the banknotes will need to be replaced less frequently, thereby reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

All the old euro banknotes will remain legal tender in the euro area and need not be separately exchanged into new notes.

Further information and materials on the new banknotes are available on the Bank of Finland and the European Central Bank websites.

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