Evidence suggests that the costs of banking crises in terms of lost economic growth are higher in emerging market economies than in industrial countries, and that problems in a single bank have a high probability of turning into a systemic crisis. The evidence also suggests that in recent years many banking systems in emerging markets experienced a deep transformation under the pressure of internal financial liberalization, increased openness to international capital flows, and technological and financial innovations. The most recent financial crisis and global recession have put further pressure on banking institutions and financial markets in emerging economies. 


Thursday 7 October​ ​ ​
8.45   Registration
9.00–11.15 Session I Foreign banks in emerging markets
  Chair Jouko Vilmunen (Bank of Finland)
Peer monitoring or contagion? Interbank market exposures and bank risk
  Author(s) F.R. Liedorp (De Nederlandsche Bank)
L. Medema (University of Groningen)
M. Koetter (University of Groningen)
R.H. Koning (University of Groningen)
I. van Lelyveld (De Nederlandsche Bank)
  Yiwei Fang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  Foreign banks and financial stability in emerging markets: evidence from the global financial crisis
  Author(s) Ursula Vogel (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
Adalbert Winkler (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management)
  Rainer Haselmann (Bonn Graduate School of Economics)
Paper Presentation
Foreign bank presence and its effect on firm entry and exit in transition economies
  Author(s) Olena Havrylchyck (CEPII)
Emilia Jurzyk (International Monetary Fund)
  Timo Korkeamäki (Bank of Finland)
11.15–11.45   Break
11.45–13.00 Keynote lecture The finance-growth research agenda: from depth to breadth
  Thorsten Beck (Tilburg University)
13.00–14.30   Lunch
14.30–16.45 Session II Institutions and banks
  Chair Iftekhar Hasan (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  Bank capital, liquidity creation and deposit insurance
  Author(s) Zuzana Fungáčová (Bank of Finland)
Laurent Weill (University of Strasbourg)
Mingming Zhou (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
  Sris Chatterjee (Fordham University)
  Regulatory reform and convergence in banking: The case of China
  Author(s) James C. Brau (Brigham Young University) Drew Dahl (Utah State University) Hongjing Zhang (Northeast Dianli University) Mingming Zhou (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
  Ana Lozano-Vivas (University of Málaga)
  Paper An empirical assessment on procyclicality of loan-loss provisions of banks in EMEAP economies
  Author(s) Eric Wong (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
Tom Fong (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
Henry Choi (Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
  Esa Jokivuolle (Bank of Finland)
18.30   Dinner at the Bank of Finland's Banqueting Hall
Friday 8 October​ ​ ​
9.00–11.15 Session III Lending to emerging markets
  Chair Laurent Weill (University of Strasbourg)
  Paper Presentation Bank ownership, proximity to borrowers and lending behavior – Evidence from syndicated loans
  Author(s) Senay Agça (George Washington University) Hein Bogaard (George Washington University) Oya Celasun (International Monetary Fund)
  Comments Fotios Pasiouras (Technical University of Crete)  
  Paper Presentation Running for the exit: International banks and crisis transmission
  Author(s) Ralph de Haas (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
Neeltje van Horen (De Nederlandsche Bank) Jeromin Zettelmeyer (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
  Comments Zuzana Fungáčová (Bank of Finland)
  Paper Presentation Bank lending to emerging markets: Empirical evidence on country-level and bank-specific determinants
  Author(s) Oliver Mueller (University of Bochum)
André Uhde (University of Bochum)
  Comments Aaron Mehrotra (Bank of Finland)
11.15–11.45   Break
11.45–13.30 Session IV Banking, networks and economic integration
  Chair Iikka Korhonen (Bank of Finland)
  Paper Presentation Global banking network and cross-border capital flows
  Author(s) Galina Hale (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)
Christopher Candelaria (Stanford University) Julian Caballero (UC Santa Cruz)
Sergey Borisov (AT&T Interactive) 
  Comments Yiwei Fang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  Paper Presentation (Inter-state) banking and (inter-state) trade: Does real integration follow financial integration?
  Author(s) Tomasz Michalski (HEC Paris)
Evren Örs (HEC Paris)
  Comments Ahmet Faruk Aysan (Bogazici University)
  Paper Presentation Skin in the game in the originate-to-distribute model: Evidence from the online social lending market
  Author(s) Thomas Hildebrand (ESMT European School of Management and Technology)
Manju Puri (Duke University)
Jörg Rocholl (ESMT European School of Management and Technology)
  Comments Yishay Yafeh (The Hebrew University)
13.30–14.45   Lunch
14.45–15.00   Closing words and end of the conference