The conference aims at bringing together scholars to present and discuss the latest research on innovation and intellectual property in financial markets and financial services sectors, including payment media, securities markets infrastructure, and corporate finance.

Programme Committee: Bob Hunt (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), Thomas Ronde (University of Copenhagen & CEPR), Tuomas Takalo (Bank of Finland), Jouko Vilmunen (Bank of Finland).

Papers, presentations and comments updated October 17, 2008.

Thursday 16 October

9.30–10.00   Registration, coffee
10.00–12.00 Session I Chair: Jouko Vilmunen (Bank of Finland)
    Opening remarks Sinikka Salo, Member of the Board (Bank of Finland)
  Paper Presentation Opening address: Business Method Patents and US Financial Services
  Author Bob Hunt (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia)
  Paper Presentation Financial Patenting by European Firms
  Author(s) *Grid Thoma (U. Camerino) joint with Bronwyn Hall (U. California at Berkeley) and Salvatore Torrisi (U. Bologna)
  Comments Otto Toivanen (HECER)
12.30–13.30   Lunch
14.00–16.00 Session II Chair: Mikko Mustonen (Helsinki School of Economics & HECER)
  Paper Presentation Relationship Lending and Firm Innovativeness: New Empirical Evidence
  Author(s) Caterina Giannetti (U. Tilburg)
  Comments Tanja Tanayama (HECER)
  Paper Presentation Financial Innovation in the UK
  Author(s) *Shelagh Heffernan (Cass Business School) joint with Xiaolan Fu (U. Oxford) and Xiaoqing Fu (U. Macau)
  Comments Charlotta Grönqvist (Bank of Finland)
16.00–16.30   Coffee break
16.30–18.30 Session III Chair: Thomas Ronde (Copenhagen Business School)
  Paper Presentation Innovative or Indefensible? An Empirical Assessment of Patenting within Standard Setting
  Author(s) Anne Layne-Farrar (LECG) joint with Jorge Padilla (LECG)
  Comments Pekka Sääskilahti (Nokia Corporation)
  Paper Presentation Control Rights over Intellectual Property: Corporate Venturing and Bankruptcy Regimes
  Author(s) Sergei Guriev (New Economic School) joint with Sudipto Bhattacharya (LSE)
  Comments Mikko Leppämäki (Helsinki School of Economics)
19.30   Dinner at the Bank's Personnel Club

Friday 17 October

9.00–11.00  Session IV Chair: Rune Stenbacka (Swedish School of Economics & HECER)
  Paper Presentation To Be Financed or Not – The Role of Patents for Venture Capital Financing
  Auhtor(s) Elisabeth Müller (ZEW) joint with Carolin Häussler (U. Munich) and Dietmar Harhoff (U. Munich)
  Comments Ari Hyytinen (U. Jyväskylä & Bank of Finland)
  Paper Presentation Financially Constrained Innovation, Patent Protection, and Industry Dynamics
  Auhtor(s) Gerard Llobet (CEMFI) joint with Javier Suarez (CEMFI)
  Comments Corinne Langinier (U. of Alberta)
11.00–11.30   Coffee break
11.30–12.30 Session V Chair: Mikko Välimäki (Swedish School of Economics)
  Paper Presentation Disclosure and Financial Patents: Revealing the Invisible Hand
  Author(s) John F. Duffy (George Washington U.) joint with John Squires (Goldman Sachs)
  Comments Gregory N. Mandel (Temple U.)
12.30–14.00   Closing lunch
14.15–15.15 Paper Optional: Corinne Langinier (U. of Alberta) at HECER Economics Research Seminar: "Patent, Search of Prior Art and Revelation of Information"