The Bank of Finland will organise a 200th Anniversary Conference "Monetary policy under resource mobility" in Helsinki 5–6 May 2011. The international conference will cover three key policy issues concerning central banks: "Global shifts – lessons from the past", "Monetary Policy" and "Financial Markets". At the end of the event there will be a panel discussion around the theme "Finance and Economic Growth". Participants at the conference include internationally renowned central bankers as well as leading academics. Participation in the event is by invitation only.

For additional information, please contact: Seppo Honkapohja, Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland, tel. +358 10 831 2005 or Jouko Vilmunen, Head of Research, tel. +358 10 831 2594.

Thursday 5 May

  17.30​ Opening Remarks
Erkki Liikanen
Governor, Bank of Finland​
Session 1 17.45–19.30 Global Shifts – Lessons from the Past​​
Chair​ Seppo Honkapohja
Member of the Board, Bank of Finland​
Invited Speaker​ Barry Eichengreen
Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Global Shifts
Discussants​ Masaaki Shirakawa
Governor, Bank of Japan
The Transition from High Growth to Stable Growth: Japan's Experiene and Implications for Emerging Economies
Sergey M. Ignatiev
Governor, Bank of Russia
Miguel Ordóñes Banco de España​
19.45–​ Dinner (at the invitation of the Governor of the Bank of Finland)​
Dinner Address: Monetary policy in uncertain times
Jean-Claude Trichet
President, European Central Bank​

Friday 6 May

Session 2 9.00–10.30 Monetary Policy
Chair​ Jens Weidmann
President, Deutsche Bundesbank​
Invited Speaker​ Carl E. Walsh
Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz
Monetary Policy and Resource Mobility (appendix, slides)
Discussants​ Mark Carney
Governor, Bank of Canada
Monetary Policy and Resource Mobility 
Athanasios Orphanides
Governor, Central Bank of Cyprus 
Agustín Carstens
Governor, Banco de México​
10.30–11.00​ Coffee break​
Session 3 11.00–12.30 Financial Markets
Chair​ Christian Noyer
Governor, Banque de France​
Panelists​ Nout Wellink
President, De Nederlandsche Bank
Yves Mersch
Banque centrale du Luxembourg
Stefan Ingves
Governor, Sveriges Riksbank
Bengt Holmström Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)​
12.30–14.30​ Luncheon​
Luncheon Address Mervyn King Governor, Bank of England​
Session 4 14.30–16.30 Finance and Economic Growth
Chair​ Steve Liesman
Senior Economics Reporter, CNBC​
14.30–15.00​ Keynote Speech: Reaping the Full Benefits of Financial Openness
Janet Yellen
Vice Chair of the Board of Governors, The Federal Reserve System
15.00–16.30​ Panel
Panelists​ Stanley Fischer
Governor, Bank of Israel
Philippe Aghion Professor, Harvard University
Financial Constraints, Cyclical Macroeconomic Policy and Growth
Martin Hellwig Professor, Max Planc Institute for Research on Collective Goods​
Concluding Remarks Erkki Liikanen
16.30​ End of Conference​