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Would you like to buy a new tablet, bag or scooter? Could you afford to buy a home of your own? To finance large purchases, you often need more money than you have in your wallet or account. Acquisitions can be financed by saving in advance or by taking out a loan. Saving in advance is usually the best way you acquire what you want.

How you finance your acquisition usually determines its final price. A loan can be a quick way of realising one's dreams, but its costs may come as a surprise. Saving in advance is usually the most advantageous option. Taking out a loan may sometimes be sensible, but not always.

Only adults, ie those over 18 years of age, can get bank loans, consumer credit or quick loans. Prior to issuing a loan agreement, the lender is required to assess whether the prospective borrower will be able to fulfil the obligations under the loan agreement, in other words, whether the borrower will be able to repay the loan with interest and costs incurred. Paying back the loan is best ensured when you have a regular income.