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Unauthorised use of the Bank of Finland's name or logo

Nefarious persons may use the Bank of Finland's name for deceitful purposes in order to encourage companies, organisations or private persons to, for example, carry out transactions via the Bank. The Bank of Finland does not provide such financial services and does not, for example, collect service fees or tax on international transactions. Neither does the Bank of Finland handle credit card data.

The Bank of Finland is not responsible for the above-mentioned or other criminal misconduct, or for any economic losses or other damage as a result of such nefarious practices. If you have cause to suspect fraud, counterfeiting or other criminal misconduct, please contact the police.

What information does the Bank of Finland collect on its website users?

Cookies. Some of the functions (e.g. statistics) use session cookies that enable your browser to remember your item or data selections. Web service is maintained by CGI Finland Ltd.

Log information. When you access our website, the web server automatically records information sent by your browser. These server logs typically include information such as your IP address, browser type and language, access time, browser screen size and cookies that identify your browser. We also use log information for compiling statistics about the usage of our site. Individual user information is not analysed separately, nor is it used for other purposes.

Siteimprove web analytics . The Bank of Finland's website makes use of Siteimprove web analytics that produce web traffic reports. The information sent by browsers is sent to servers located in the EU and is used to provide the Bank with statistics on the number of browser visits, usage patterns and searches performed on the Bank's website.

The Bank of Finland website provides the possibility to order print brochures in stock with Grano Oy. Information entered into the order form will be saved in Grano's system. You can also subscribe to Bank of Finland news alerts. Subscriber information will be saved on the servers of the Finnish company Koodiviidakko Oy.