Collection of payment and fraud data (MAPE data collection)

The updated regulation of the European Central Bank on payment statistics (ECB/2013/43, as amended by ECB/2020/59) obliges the Bank of Finland to collect payment statistics from domestic credit and payment institutions (including legal and natural persons offering payment service without authorisation) as well as foreign credit and payment institutions’ branches and subsidiaries located in Finland. 

The Bank of Finland will collect the data under the updated Regulation in the new payment and fraud data collection (MAPE data collection). In order to avoid overlapping data collection, the MAPE data collection also covers national data needs. 

The MAPE data collection will replace the Bank of Finland’s MATI data collection, which is completed for the last time by parties under the reporting obligation when they report data for 2021 at the beginning of 2022. In addition, The MAPE data collection will replace the FIN-FSA’s current MF reporting (fraud related to payment services) and the ML reporting by registered payment service providers without authorisation (total number of payment transactions). Data for both MF and ML reporting are also reported normally for 2021, that is, sent for the last time to the FIN-FSA in February 2022.


Reporting population Frequency Reporting period Date of submission to the Bank of Finland First reference period to be reported Submission deadline of the first report
Full reporter Quarterly (Q) Quarter (Q) 1 month from the reference period Q1 2022 29 April 2022
Full reporter Half-yearly (H) Half year (H) 2 months from the reference period H1 2022 31 August 2022
Tail reporter Annually (A) Half year (H) 2 months (and 8 months) from the reference period H1 and H2 2022 28 February 2023

the collection of statistical data is based on the following regulations

ECB regulation on payment statistics (ECB/2013/43, as amended by ECB/2020/59)

Council Regulation concerning the collection of statistical information by the European Central
Bank (No 2533/1998, as amended by 2015/373)

Act on the Bank of Finland (214/1998, sections 26 and 28)