Lively discussion on cryptocurrencies has raised the question whether central banks should be involved in issuing digital currency in form of digital cash. The topic has been studied and discussed globally  and the main questions seem to be related not so much in technology, blockchain and distributed ledger, but rather to justification and mandate of the central bank to pursuit that direction.


Central Bank Issued Digital Cash - Justification and Mandate

 13 June 2018 Bank of Finland Museum, Snellmaninkatu 2

11.30–12.30 Registration
Bank of Finland main building, Snellmaninaukio

Buffet Lunch
Bank of Finland main building



Seminar opening
Päivi Heikkinen (Bank of Finland)


Presentations and a panel discussion:
Central bank mandate and powers related to digital cash

Morten Bech (BIS)
Klaus Löber (European Central Bank)
Kristine Rasmussen (Danmarks Nationalbank)

Panel moderated by Anne Hedman (Bank of Finland)

15.00–15.30 Refreshments
15.30 – 15.50 Vice Governor’s address
Olli Rehn (Bank of Finland)


Presentations and a panel discussion:
Justification and goals for central bank issued digital cash 

Martin Etheridge (Bank of England)
Tanai Khiaonarong (IMF)
Björn Segendorf (Sveriges Riksbank)

Panel moderated by Knut Sandal (Norges Bank)

17.45–18.00 Wrap-up and close of seminar
Päivi Heikkinen (Bank of Finland)
18.00–19.30 Coctails