XX (formerly TWITTER)

On X we express our position and engage in debate on topical issues. We post there actively ourselves and share with a low threshold the posts of our experts. Important is to focus on topicality and easily understandable communication. Experts from the Bank of Finland are also discussing on X.


On LinkedIn our goal is to reinforce the image of the Bank of Finland as a socially significant, international and stable and responsible employer. On LinkedIn we put faces to our experts and also support their work in developing their own expertise.


YouTube serves as the home of videos and event broadcasts. We offer topical and easily understood video content, events both live and recorded to all, irrespective of time or place.


Via Facebook we reach a large audience by producing easily understandable and supporting the financial literacy of the general public. Our events are particularly visible on Facebook.


On Instagram most important is to produce visually easily understood content. We make visible our own existence by telling or our everyday work and putting faces to our staff. On the Bank of Finland Museum’s Instagram we provide information from “behind the scenes”. The tone of voice is relaxed.

We share up-to-date PowerPoint presentations on our SlideShare and photos for media and public use on our Flickr.