Blogs BLOGs

The Bank of Finland publishes blogs on topical economic issues. The blogs are written by experts at the Bank of Finland. New contributions are posted almost on a weekly basis. The views expressed in the blogs are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Bank of Finland.


Via the Twitter account, information is distributed daily on topical Bank of Finland news, publications, statistics and events. The account can also be used to share information on interviews of Bank employees, as well as updates by other users connected with the Bank of Finland's fields of operations. Data published regularly include the latest Euribor rates and exchange rates. All the monetary policy decisions of the ECB Governing Council are tweeted. The account is also used to share the European Central Bank's updates on cooperation within the Eurosystem.


LinkedIn is used for communicating the Bank of Finland's employer profile and announcing recruitments, as well as for sharing articles and blogs on issues addressed by the Bank. Bank of Finland employees also use their LinkedIn profiles as electronic and public CVs. The Bank's LinkedIn account is updated by persons responsible for recruitment at Personnel and Financial Control, and by Communications.


The Bank of Finland's SlideShare account is used to share PowerPoint presentations by the Bank staff. 


The Bank of Finland's YouTube channel is used for publishing videos on the activities of the Bank and the Eurosystem as well as recordings of events. Video presentations are used in various campaigns, e.g. in connection with the introduction of new euro banknotes.


Via its Flickr account, the Bank of Finland distributes photographs, which can be used by the media and general public.


The Bank of Finland Facebook page communicates weekly on economic issues and other topics related to the Bank of Finland.

The Bank of Finland Museum and the Bank's Library each has its own Facebook account. On the Bank of Finland Museum Facebook page the Bank communicates on exhibitions and events at the Museum. The Facebook page of the Bank's Library include information on the Library's collections and opening hours.


You can follow both the Bank of Finland and the Bank of Finland Museum on Instagram.