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  • Thursday 3 September 2020
  • Time: 14:20–16:40 (Finnish time, EEST)
  • Venue: Teams Meeting
  • Webinar recording


14:20–14:30 Opening of the Webinar
Jussi Terho, Bank of Finland
14:30–15:00 BoF-simulator, latest development
Simulator Team, Bank of Finland (presentation)
15:00–15:30 Strengths of LSM in TARGET2
Sara Testi et al., European Central Bank and Marc Glowka, Deutsche Bundesbank (presentation)
15:30–16:00 Outlier detection in Large Value Payment Systems using neural networks: Does including memory improve the performance
Timothy Aerts et al., De Nederlandsche Bank (presentation)
16:00–16:30 Programmable money: Options for Central Banks
Martin Diehl, Deutsche Bundesbank (presentation)
16:30–16:40 Closing of the Webinar