Financial accounting team



The Bank recognises the importance of staff wellbeing for a solid work performance. We appreciate a good working week. Through flexible working, we aim to make it easier to combine work and leisure. We have flexitime, diverse working time arrangements, and also the opportunity to telework, of course.

We consider it important that staff are treated equally. We strive to ensure that equality is achieved, not only between the genders or age groups, but also between differing opinions. As an expert organisation, we need different perspectives. That’s why we actively involve staff in our development activities.


We invest in the wellbeing of our staff by offering occupational health services above the statutory level, dental care, fair annual leave, and sport and culture benefits. With the food and meal benefit we offer, you will enjoy a varied lunch service in our staff restaurant. Staff have access to leisure facilities at Saariselkä and Ramsinniemi. There is a diverse range of leisure-time clubs. The Bank of Finland’s traditional Sports Club offers a number of activities, ranging from ball games to competitions between central banks. Also popular are the theatre club Fyrkka, the art club Aino, the food and wine club Pruuvi and the gardening club Naatti. You are sure to find a club of your choice in our wide selection. Employees’ annual celebrations are also part of the Bank’s promotion of staff wellbeing.

As part of our other responsibility work, we are a responsible employer. Employing young people is also important to us, which is why we seek to offer a summer job to around 40 students per year. It is also possible to join us on an internship. We organised for recent graduates the Young Professionals trainee programme 2018–2020.

We are also involved in the Oikotie Responsible Employer campaign, whose six principles are easy to endorse:

  • non-discrimination
  • flexibility and work-life balance
  • investing in managerial work
  • work content and significance
  • remuneration according to the demands of the position
  • good applicant experience

Ongoing competence development

The Bank of Finland devotes considerable resources to the systematic learning and development of its staff. The Bank appreciates the vital importance of continuous learning and development for the employee, both professionally and personally. The Bank’s working atmosphere is receptive to discussion; employees are encouraged to offer their thoughts and ideas. Cooperation with experts and colleagues in the same field provides learning opportunities every single working day.

The Bank offers its employees diverse opportunities to develop and broaden their skills:

  • Job rotation within the Bank of Finland, and between the Bank and FIN-FSA
  • Secondments to the European Central Bank or other national central banks
  • Training arranged by various national central banks or the European Central Bank
  • Membership of Eurosystem working groups
  • In-house seminars and training
  • External training