International context

International cooperation is an important and steadily expanding part of the Bank of Finland's activities. The most important expression of such cooperation is its participation in the European System of Central Banks and the Eurosystem. The various Eurosystem committees and working groups are present in one way or another in nearly all of the Bank’s tasks.
The Bank of Finland also takes part in EU work, e.g. within the framework of the Economic and Financial Committee and Monetary Policy Committee under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Responsibility for the contacts of the Finnish republic with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) also rests with the Bank of Finland. In addition, the Bank of Finland takes part as a shareholder in the activities of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Finally, the OECD is an important forum for the Bank of Finland in macroeconomic, structural and financial market issues.
Similarly, the Bank of Finland maintains a broad range of regular contacts with other national central banks and major international monetary financial institutions.
The international element is also enhanced by secondments to the European Central Bank and other national central banks. Eurosystem internal training is also a prominent form of international activity.

Ongoing competence development

Simulator seminar in Helsinki in summer 2015.
Simulator seminar in Helsinki in summer 2015

The Bank of Finland devotes considerable resources to the systematic learning and development of staff. The Bank appreciates the vital importance of continuous learning and development for the employee, both professionally and personally. Cooperation with experts and colleagues of the same field provides a learning opportunity every single working day.
The Bank offers many opportunities for skills development and competence broadening:

  • job rotation within the Bank of Finland, and between the Bank and FIN-FSA
  • job rotation to the European Central Bank and other Eurosystem national central banks
  • training offered by other national central banks or the European Central Bank
  • membership in Eurosystem working groups
  • in-house seminars and training
  • external training.

The Bank also devotes major resources to developing managerial work, offering both in-house and joint ESCB leadership training schemes. The Bank's leadership vision obliges every supervisor to continuously improve his or her leadership skills. The quality of leadership is annually monitored by means of a leadership index. The aim is to score above the benchmark value.

A feel-good workplace

The Bank offers its staff stability of employment and challenging Eurosystem specialist tasks, appropriate working conditions, modern working equipment and an interactive workplace. Pleasant colleagues, a good working atmosphere and regular employee attitude and workplace surveys indicate that the employees feel at ease working at the Bank of Finland.

Financial accounting team

Financial accounting team

The Bank recognises the importance of staff well-being for a solid work performance. Staff wellness is promoted by offering high-quality occupational health care services, opportunities for sports and leisure activities and access to leisure facilities. The annual summer and staff celebrations also support the wellness goal.

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