Seminar material


Day 1

Matti Hellqvist, Bank of Finland, BoF-PSS2 Simulator, current situation and recent developtments, presentation.

Johannes Lindner, European Central Bank and Philippe Leblanc, Banque de France, TARGET2 simulator, introduction of the project and implication to BoF-PSS2 users.

Rodney Garratt, Bank of England, Liquidity provision and free riding in CHAPS.

Discussant: Martin Diehl, Deutsche Bundesbank

Christian Schulz, European Central Bank, Liquidity requirements and payment delays - participant type dependent preferences

Discussant: Stefan Schmitz, Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Saiki Tsuchiya, Bank of Japan, Delay of intraday settlement for Japan government bonds under Lehman Brothers bankruptcy

Discussant: Levente Habány, National Bank of Hungary

Horatiu Lovin, National Bank of Romania, Systemically important participants within ReGIS payment system, presentation.

Discussant: Kasperi Korpinen, Bank of Finland, discussion handouts.

Day 2

Biliana Alexandrova Kabadjova, Banco de México,Settling low value payments in real time: The experience of the Mexican RTGS, presentation.

Discussant: Uwe Schollmeyer, Deutsche Bundesbank, discussion handouts.

Ronald Heijmans and Daniëlle Walraven, De Nederlandsche Bank,Monitoring the interbank market using TARGET2 data, presentation.

Discussant: Johannes Lindner, European Central BankJoanna McLafferty, Bank of England,Modelling of possible liquidity saving mechanism in CHAPS, presentation.

Discussant: Liisa Väisänen, Bank of Finland

Ali Alhomidan, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency,Impact of operating an RTGS system without intraday overdraft limits, presentation.

Discussant: Junghwan Hyun, Bank of Korea, discussion handouts.

Tatu Laine and Tuomas Nummelin, Bank of Finland,Simulation based tools for regular oversight of payment system - Case: Bank of Finland, presentation.

Discussant: Christian Schultz, European Central Bank, discussion handouts.

Cristina Picillo, Banca d'Italia,Agent based simulation model of RTGS system and money market, presentation.

Pietro Terna and Irene Bonafine, University of Torino, Agent-based modeling as a flexible technique to join the RTGS system and the Money Market: methodological and implementation issues, presentation.

Discussant: Biliana Alexandrova Kabadjova, Banco de México