Under the Coins Act (216/1998), in Finland the State has the right to mint coins, and the coins are issued by the Bank of Finland. Coins that are significantly damaged may not be used as a means of payment and need not be accepted as payment. The Bank of Finland is obliged to accept damaged coins if it can be established with certainty that they are genuine.

Significantly damaged coins should be returned to your account bank, which verifies the authenticity of the money, attends to customer identification and, if necessary, makes inquiries related to the prevention of money laundering. Coins should be packed per denomination in bags or boxes. The consignment must be accompanied by a declaration (damaged coins form) stating the identifying information of the sender, the denominations and quantities of the coins, and an explanation of what has happened to the coins. More detailed instructions can be obtained from your bank.

For more information, see the attached memorandum: Handling of damaged, counterfeit and suspected counterfeit euro coins