The TIBER-FI Cyber Team maintains the instructions and supporting materials on TIBER-FI, i.e. the generic threat landscape report and the legal framework. The instructions are published on the Bank of Finland’s website. The legal framework can be provided to the financial entity upon request, for the internal preparation of the decision to participate.

Financial entities familiarize themselves with the TIBER-FI phases and procedures and decide on participation. The decision about participation will be taken by the executive board of the financial entity. In connection with the decision, the executive board must appoint a White Team, which has the responsibility and authority to arrange TIBER-FI-testing. For the composition of the Team, please see Participating actors

Preparation and testing phases take place to a schedule set by each financial entity. A typical TIBER-FI test project is 6-12 months, from the preparations phase to the end of the project.

Task Responsibility
TIBER-FI instructions and supporting materials TIBER-FI Cyber Team (TCT)
Consulting financial entities about TIBER-FI TIBER-FI Test Manager
Deciding about participation in TIBER-FI  Financial entity’s executive board