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If you are a new user and your institution does not have a license, please fill in the ordering form and send it to us by e-mail.

If you or your institution already has a license, you can directly request a downloading link to the software from us via e-mail.

Ordering form with licensing conditions

Holders of BoF-PSS simulator licences privacy statement


Detailed installation instructions are provided in the BoF-PSS user manual.

GPL versions of MySQL and MariaDB can be downloaded free of charge.



Database and Database Connector Licenses

Since version 3.2.0, BOF-PSS is not anymore distributed with an integrated database connector nor a database engine. Database connections are handled via the JDBC interface and it is now possible for the user to change the connector or database engine he or she wishes to use. Accordingly it is up to the user to acquire and download appropriate commercial or non-commercial database software and compliant database connectors. The current database used in development is MariaDB 10.11

All MySQL OEM licenses distributed with the versions 2.4.0 till 3.1.0 naturally remain valid as stated in the originally granted licenses.

Ordering of additional supporting services

Bank of Finland offers a range of fee based supporting services for the users of BoF-PSS. The services include e.g. training courses, tailored consultation and remote assistance with Helpdesk/Advisory service and software tailoring.

Please see also BOF-PSS Supporting services descriptions and fees.