​Seminar material


Day 1

Kimmo Soramäki, ECB: Simulating payment and settlement systems – simulation as a tool for Central Bank oversight, research and payment systems policy, presentation.

Jamie McAndrews, FED NY: Complements to RTGS Systems:economising liquidity with queuing and netting, presentation.

Morten Bech, DNB/FED NY:Liquidity, gridlocks and bank failures in large value payment systems, presentation.

Harry Leinonen, BoF: BOF-PSS2 overview and concept, presentation.

Day 2

Harry Leinonen, BoF: Technical structure and simulation features of BOF-PSS2, presentation.

Kimmo Soramäki, ECB: Preparing simulations – practical issues, presentation.

Kai Rauha, MSG Software: User modules and extending the capabilities of the simulator, presentation.