First data collections migrate to new system in summer 2024  

The reform of the data collection system concerns all Bank of Finland statistical data collections. The data collections will migrate to the new platform gradually during the summer and autumn of 2024. The reports will be submitted to the new system starting from the reporting periods indicated below.

Reporting period

Data collection

2024M8 SAVE
2024M9, 2024Q3 KOTI, MAPE (Q), RATI (M, Q), PEF
2024M12, 2024Q4, 2024H2 MAPE (H), MURA, SIRA, TIHA, LUOTI (M, Q)

New user interface for reporters  

The user interface and functionalities of the data collection platform are changed for the new system. Reporters will also be provided an opportunity to participate in testing the system before the first actual reporting round. The test environment for the SAVE and KOTI surveys has been opened. More information on the testing periods for other data collections will be given closer to the relevant dates.  

Reports to be submitted through user interface or API  

Reporting will continue to be available both on a form and as a file transfer, either through the browser interface or an SFTP connection. Reporting using an SFTP connection is suitable for obliged entities with a lot of reportable data or reporting they want to automate. If you wish to continue or start using an SFTP connection, please contact the Bank of Finland. 

The structure of the report files changes from the CSV file format to XML. The Bank of Finland will provide reporters with access to a conversion tool on a temporary basis, allowing the conversion of the file format between CSV and XML. The code of the conversion tool (Bof.Stat.DCS.Converter) has been released, and it is available in the Bank of Finland’s GitHub. However, it is important to note that reporting must be made in the XML format at the latest in connection with the next update of the record structure. We will communicate the deadline in good time before the entry into force of the change.  

The new system also requires a few changes common to all data collections (excluding Luoti). The naming format of the file will change, and the section starting the file (Header) has been changed into a standardised form. In addition, the XML files no longer have reserved fields. More detailed descriptions of the changes and the file structure will be provided in data collection-specific schemas and technical instructions, which will be published in phases.

New system requires login via e-identification  

Logging in the new data collection system requires authentication using a mandate. This authentication method is already used in the current DCS2 service, and therefore we recommend that all reporters start using it already. Instructions for granting reporting mandates are available here. In the new data collection system, authentication will also be required from users without a Finnish personal identity code. These users must use the Finnish Authenticator application. More information on how to start using the application is available here.  

Instructions and training  

Schema, instructions and records of training sessions concerning the reform of the reporting system will be collated on this page. Reporters will be informed of the progress of the systems reform, both via email and on the website, as new information becomes available. Should you have any questions about the reform of the reporting system, we request you to contact ReportingSupport(at)