Kesätyöpaikat ja opiskelijat

Annually the Bank of Finland employes about 40 summer trainees

The Bank of Finland has fared well in employer attractiveness surveys. In spring 2020, the Bank ranked 9th in the Universum Finnish Student Survey, and in autumn 2019, it ranked 17th among business students in the Universum survey of young professionals. Central banks are among the most attractive of public-sector employees, and we ranked near the top among central banks.

A survey conducted among summer trainees assigned the Bank an overall job rating of 3.7 (on a scale of 1 to 4). The summer trainees were particularly satisfied with their challenging and responsible jobs and the working atmosphere. Read about the daily routines of our summer trainees in their own words (in Finnish) in the summer job blog.

The Bank of Finland and FIN-FSA's summer trainees and other young employees appreciate the team spirit they can maintain by organising their leisure-time in various ways through hobby circles or clubs. These are devoted to encouraging participants to pursue physical exercise, take up hobbies and try out new sports. They enable the young people to get to know their colleagues working in different departments and to build networks, both at work and during their leisure time. They also provide a chance to view the central bank from a broader perspective, both on a personal level and with their future career in mind.