Open Doors at the Bank of Finland — Art of central banking since 1811

In 1811, Tsar Alexander I issued a decree announcing the establishment of an Office for Exchange, Lending and Deposits based in Turku—then the capital of Finland.  This pioneering bank later became the Bank of Finland, which was moved, with the relocation of the capital city, to Helsinki in 1819. The Bank of Finland’s historic main building, completed in 1883 and located in the Kruunuhaka district, provides the principal setting for the Open Doors event.  

The art exhibition within the Bank’s main building will provide an inspiring overview of the contents of the Bank’s substantial art collection, which contains some 1,200 artworks. At the exhibition, volunteer guides from the Bank of Finland are on hand to explain the content and history of the works. In addition to familiar art classics such as Juho Rissanen's stained-glass paintings and Lennart Segerstrål's extraordinary Finlandia frescoes, the exhibition will feature new works not previously seen by the public.

Informative material on the theme of ‘money and payments’ accompanying the artworks

The 20th anniversary of euro coins and banknotes was celebrated at the start of 2022. Besides the exhibition and its artworks, we will also be presenting material on the euro’s history, conventional electronic payment channels and mobile payment, and also crypto-assets and central bank digital currencies. Exhibition stands will present banknotes and also ponder what the world would be like without cash.

Amid the artwork appreciation, experts from the Bank will present briefings on topical financial, economic and monetary policy matters. These will also include a look at cyber security and how you can protect yourself from online phishing and scams. 

The Bank of Finland Museum will have a key role in the Open Days event, offering guided insights on the Bank’s activities, the history of money, monetary policy, banknote art and financial literacy. You will also be free to view the Museum's exhibition independently, at your own leisure.

The Bank of Finland's Open Doors event is open for visitors on Thursday and Friday 29–30 September at 14.00–20.00, and on Saturday 1 October at 11.00–17.00. Entry is at the main door, where you will need to queue if necessary. Last admittance one hour before closing. The Bank of Finland is located at Snellmaninaukio, 00170, Helsinki.

There is also information in the online gallery at concerning the Bank’s art collection and the history of its main building.

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Risto Suomi © Kuvasto 2019
Marjatta Tapiola © Kuvasto 2019