The Open Doors event is staged in the Bank of Finland’s historical main building. The art exhibition, selected from a collection of nearly 1,200 works, is displayed in the reception rooms of the main building, which was built in 1883. At the exhibition, volunteer guides from the Bank of Finland art club are on hand to explain the content and history of the works.

In addition to visual art, musical performances are an integral part of the Open Doors event. Piano concerts have traditionally been held in the hall where Akseli Gallen-Kallela’s Aino Triptych is displayed. In addition to art and music, visitors can also enjoy short presentations on topical economic and monetary policy issues by Bank of Finland and Financial Supervisory Authority experts.

The Bank of Finland Museum contributes to the Open Doors event with whole-day pop-up guides to the exhibitions as well as discussions and film screenings. The Bank of Finland Museum’s exhibitions cover the history of money, monetary policy, banknote art and topics of current interest.

Every few years, Open Doors presents the art collection for anyone to see. At other times, the premises of the Bank of Finland are used for work, and art tours cannot be arranged. The Open Doors event was last held in May 2018. Future events will be announced on the Bank of Finland’s website, on social media channels and on other media.

The Bank of Finland’s art collection and the history of the main building can also be explored online In addition, visitors have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the activities and history of the Bank of Finland at the Bank of Finland Museum – to which admission is free!