​Seminar material


Harry Leinonen, BoF: BoF-PSS2 Current Situation, presentation.

Kimmo Soramäki, ECB - Morten L. Bech, FED NY.: Systemic risk in a netting system revisited, paper.

Kimmo Soramäki, ECB: Systemic risk in a netting system revisited, presentation.

Darcey McVanel, BoC, discussion handouts.

Paul Bedford - Stephen Millard - Jing Yang, BoE: Analysing the impact of operational incidents in LVPS: a simulation approach, presentation and paper.

Matti Hellqvist, BoF, discussion handouts.

Björn Segendorff, Sveriges Riksbank: Liquidity levels and delays in RIX, presentation.

Simon Anko, BoS, discussion handouts.

Guy Woelfel: Assessing the consequences of the technical default of a bank in the French private LVPS PNS, presentation.

Morten L. Bech, FED NY. - Kurt Johnson, FED NY. - Kimmo Soramäki, ECB: System Simulating the Fedwire ® Securities Service, presentation.

Jenni Koskinen, BoF, discussion handouts.

Harry Leinonen, BoF - Kimmo Soramäki, ECB: Simulation: A Powerful Research Tool in Payment and Settlement Systems, paper.

Harry Leinonen, BoF: BoF-PSS2 Payment and Settlement System Simulator - A tool for analysis of liquidity, risk and efficiency, presentation.

Ahti Salo, HUT: Behavioral Elements in Simulation Models, presentation.