mFI data collection (RATI)

All credit institutions are obliged to provide statistical data to the Bank of Finland. Small credit institutions can be granted derogations. Such credit institutions are required to submit statistical data on a quarterly basis.
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Consolidated data collection (KOTI)

The KOTI data is used by BIS to compile statistics on international banking activity. The latest statistics releases can be found here. KOTI reporters are MFIs that fulfil the Bank of Finland’s criteria for obligation to report statistical data under KOTI data collection. The Bank of Finland informs the MFIs of their reporting obligation.

current instructions

the collection of statistical data is based on the following regulations

Regulation concerning the balance sheet of the MFI sector (ECB/2013/33, as amended by ECB/2014/51, repealed by ECB/2021/2)

Regulation concerning the balance sheet of the MFI sector (ECB/2021/2), valid from 26th June 2021

Regulation concerning statistics on interest rates applied by monetary financial institutions (ECB/2013/34, as amended by ECB/2014/30)

Regulation concerning statistics on holdings of securities (ECB/2012/24, as amended by ECB/2015/18 and ECB/2016/22, and ECB/2018/7)

Regulation concerning statistics on the money markets (ECB/2014/48, as amended by ECB/2020/58)

Guideline on monetary and financial statistics (ECB/2014/15, as amended by ECB/2014/43 and ECB/2015/44, repealed by ECB/2021/16)

Guideline on balance sheet item statistics and interest rate statistics of monetary financial institutions (ECB/2021/11)

Guideline on external statistics (ECB/2011/23, as amended by ECB/2013/25 and ECB/2015/39 and ECB/2018/19 and ECB/2020/52, and ECB/2022/23)

BIS guidelines (2019)

ECBs decision on non-compliance with statistical reporting requirements (ECB/2010/10, as amended by ECB/2015/50, and ECB/2022/31)