The Bank of Finland’s mission is to foster economic stability. Price stability, secure payment systems and reliable financial systems are prerequisites for sustainable growth, employment and the welfare of Finnish society.


The Bank of Finland’s activities are based on three values followed by the staff:


  • Our work is based on competence and professional ethics.
  • We constantly update our knowledge and skills.


  • We strive towards common objectives with mutual respect.
  • We encourage open discussion and generate fresh perspectives.


  • We act responsibly and with independence.
  • We are a reliable and cooperative partner.

Vision and strategy

The Bank of Finland’s vision is to be known as a forward-looking and effective central bank and a constructive and influential member of the Eurosystem.

To fulfil its vision, the Bank of Finland follows a strategy according to which the Bank:

  1. bases its influence on expertise, reliability and research
  2. ensures the availability of competitive central bank services in Finland
  3. participates in maintaining the service level of the financial markets and related infrastructure
  4. maintains such capital adequacy and liquidity as is required by its operations, and honours its financial accountability to Finnish society
  5. ensures that its working processes are of high quality, technically advanced and sustainable
  6. builds its expertise and professional competitiveness with an eye to the future, while simultaneously caring for the long-term wellbeing of its staff.

Strategic guidelines in full

  Strategic guideline​
I Influence and service capacity 1. The Bank of Finland’s influence is built on high-level expertise and research that combines both macroeconomic and financial market perspectives.​
  2. The Bank of Finland participates in preserving the service levels of the financial markets and related infrastructure and offers competitive central bank services to its customers.​
  3. Public confidence in the Bank of Finland and awareness of the Bank’s and the Eurosystem’s activities are promoted through effective, well-targeted communication.​
II​ Efficient use of resources and capital adequacy 4. The Bank of Finland’s financial assets are invested in a secure and productive manner in accordance with international commitments and crisis management requirements.​
  5. The aim is to enable stable profit distribution to the State without jeopardising the Bank’s capital adequacy.​
  6. The Bank of Finland is one of the most efficient EU central banks.​
III​ Efficiency of internal processes 7. The quality of the Bank of Finland’s analytic and operational processes is actively enhanced.​
  8. The Bank of Finland’s ICT solutions enable top-quality, influential work by our experts.​
IV​ Building the future 9. The activities of the Bank of Finland are sustainable.​
  10. The Bank of Finland raises the expertise and professional competence of its staff.​​
  11. The Bank of Finland cares for the long-term wellbeing of its staff.