Mutilated or damaged banknotes may be returned to the customer’s own bank or to a FOREX store.

A mutilated banknote refers to the part of the banknote which, in terms of surface area, represents more than 50% of the original banknote. It also denotes a banknote of which only 50% or less is presented, provided the customer gives evidence of the destruction of the missing parts.

A banknote is considered damaged if it is stained, discoloured or so badly worn that verifying the authenticity of the banknote proves difficult.

In uncertain cases, the bank will complete a dispatch form for mutilated banknotes. The bank will forward the duly completed and signed original form, together with mutilated or damaged banknotes, to the Bank of Finland for analysis and exchange. The Bank of Finland will decide on the exchange of mutilated or damaged banknotes in accordance with Article 3 of the Decision of the European Central Bank (ECB/2013/10). If a banknote qualifies for exchange, the Bank of Finland will send its decision statement to the customer, crediting accordingly the customer’s bank account. If a banknote does not qualify for exchange, the Bank of Finland will return the banknote to the customer together with its decision statement.

If a banknote is suspected to be a counterfeit, it is worthwhile comparing it with a corresponding one that is known to be genuine and to carefully examine all security features. If the note is a counterfeit, it must be delivered to the police.

If a banknote is lost-and-found property, the relevant law must be taken into account, under which found banknotes with a denomination of over EUR 20 are to be delivered to the police.