The Head of the General Secretariat is Mika Pösö.

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The Secretariat includes the following divisions and units:

Secretarial Services for the Board

The Secretarial Services team supplies personal assistant services for members of the Board. In addition, the team is responsible for the arrangement of Board meetings.

The Head of Secretarial Services is Mika Pösö.

International Affairs

The International Affairs divison prepares policy definitions and background material to support the international activities of the Members of the Board. The division is responsible for preparation for the meetings of the ECB's Governing Council, the General Board of the European Systemic Risk Board as well as for the Bank for International Settlements. In addition, the International Affairs division is responsible for Finland's relations with the International Monetary Fund.

The Head of International Affairs is Satu Kivinen.

Legal Affairs

Responsibility for legal issues concerning the Bank of Finland and its activities is concentrated in the Legal Affairs unit. The unit participates in the workings of the ESCB related to its field of activities, and contributes to the preparation of decision-making by the Board of the Bank and Eurosystem-related decision-making.

The Head of Legal Affairs is Maritta Nieminen.

Strategy and Organisation

The Strategy and Organisation team supports the Board of the Bank of Finland by providing expert support in strategic management, organisational development and the steering of operations. In addition, the team is responsible for administering the process of planning the Bank’s operations and assessment of the achievement of targets.

The Senior Adviser to the Strategy and Organisation team is Jarno Talvitie.

Information Management

The Information Management division is responsible for document and library services, archives and the official journal. The library provides the books, magazines and extensive electronic material necessary for research activities and other expert work within the Bank. The division is also partly responsible for the Bank’s Intranet and provides information services for internal as well as external customers.

The Head of Information Management is Mia Ristimäki. The Head of Archives is Hanna-Maarit Järvinen, the Chief Librarian is Soile Hakonen and the Head of Content Management is Mia Ristimäki.


The Communications unit plans and steers the external and internal communications of the Bank of Finland. The unit is charged with practical communications, the Internet and Intranet services as well as producing the Bank’s publications. The Bank of Finland Museum is part of the Communications unit.

The Head of Communications is Elisa Newby.